Karbonkelberg Trails – Hout Bay

After a focussed  build-up to the SA Sprint Champs in March, I’m taking some time off to enjoy the scenery we have on our door step in the world’s most beautiful city – Cape Town. I’ve taken this chance to post a couple pics from a recent trail run I did with my brother where we did some exploring of the routes around the Republic (Hout Bay).


Raphael and I grabbing some quality time (and a breather) at the top! On the right, you can just make out ‘Dungeons’ – the famous Big Wave surfing spot –  where adrenaline junkies from all over flock to when the swell is pumping.

It’s always tough getting back into running but with views like this, what’s not to enjoy?


My big brother, Sam


Even Raff was enjoying the scenery


Lion’s Head in the distance

I hope you enjoyed the snaps. Until next time,






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