Llandudno Ravine

I recently negotiated another spectacular tabletop summit (see pics from the previous hike) with a bunch of top notch lads (and lasses). Llandudno Ravine offers superb views from the vantage point of Llandudno Peak, only a short walk from the main trail. From this view point one over looks Hout Bay, Llandudno and Camps Bay in spectacular fashion.


Labouring up the last steep part – still managed a smile

The route leads up a remote part of the valley where you rarely encounter hikers, so it offers lots in the way of pristine nature and solitude – another reason why it’s one of my favorite hikes.


Hout Bay’s very own “Little Lion’s Head”

Cape Town hiking doesn’t get better than this, as the way up is stimulating and engaging, varied and with challenging sections that reminds you that you’re climbing a mountain and not a hill.


God’s rock garden

It was also great to catch up with my long time training buddy and general tank – Frans Smit. This was accompanied of course by the usual banter. My other paddling buddies and I have been puzzling over why he’s been missing so many sessions on the water. I wonder if this leave of absence has anything to do with him getting a girl friend? Maybe it’s just a coincidence…

Another great thing about this hike is that it is no more than 5 mins drive from our front door and it is one of the shortest routes to the top of Table Mountain! Talk about ‘bang for your buck’.


Jame’s looking out Lion’s Head

We started off as a group of seven but my dad soon ran on ahead, darting up the rocks like a started rabbit, saying he needed to fit in a ‘good run’. I guess we should have known that he’s never one to take it easy (Check out some of his other adventures in his book on the Three Rivers of the Amazon – Tim Biggs).


These epics would not be the same without Raff – our resident mascot

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed the scenery from this beautiful country we call home.

Until next time,



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